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The 2BM Mobile Work Order suite is an out-of-the-box solution; comprised of a mobile application, a supervisor’s dashboard, checklist builder, and last but not least an IoT module. Built for easy and user-friendly interaction with SAP PM/CS, it is perfect for any person involved in maintenance and facility management. With the 2BM Mobile Work Order suite, you have the tools to mitigate every challenge, no matter if it’s to get rid of pen and paper or support your journey towards Maintenance 4.0, IoT, AI, or data-assisted decision making.


Mobile Work Order.

Give your service technicians a quick and easy overview of their work orders, notifications and which tasks they need to perform – all at their fingertips in a user-friendly and easy to learn app. With this tool your operators and technicians have access to all the info they need incl. spares, operations, historic work orders, safety, manuals and instructions ON the spot.

Supervisor Dashboard.

The Supervisor’s Dashboard is included in our standard solution. The dashboard provides an overview of notifications which can be converted and dispatched as work orders. The Dashboard includes a view on the status on selected KPIs.

With this tool the supervisor has a day2day tool for data assisted decisions, work order dispatching and real-time insights in performance.

Asset Connector.

The Asset Connector will help integrate your existing SCADA, BMS or PLC system into your maintenance and service workflows with SAP. With the Asset Connector module, you can quickly turn high-velocity data from existing SCADAs, sensors and PLCs into useable pieces of information to your measuring points in SAP PM thus enabling data-driven decisions to support your current challenge or KPIs. The Asset Connector module contains Key Performance Indicators (KPIs’) using data visualization through graphs and charts including: Figures and trend graphs of historical performance, Number of units produced per minute, Environmental data, Number of breakdowns, Length of downtime, Line operating rate, Best minute, Longest non-stop period, Percentage of value adding time, Average stop length, and more.

Checklist Manager & Module.

2BM Software is introducing our new Checklist Manager and Checklist module to the Mobile Work Order suite. With this functionality our customers can now create, manage, and distribute custom digital checklists for their specific purpose, and even add pictures to point out specific areas that need measurements, inspections, and more and push it out to workorders, functional locations, equipment on the Mobile Work Order app. With the checklist functionality you can now ensure an even higher consistency in data collection and ensure higher accuracy and compliance and get rid of all paper.


Online & Offline accessibility

Don’t worry about your network connection. You can use the App anywhere as all changes are locally stored and synchronized to SAP when connection is reestablished.

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Through IoT technologies, like SAP Cloud, we are able to help you in all areas of prevention, inspection and repair.

Easy access through mobile devices

2BM Mobile Work Order helps free your maintenance staff from slow data syncronization and makes processes easier and more convenient.

Documentation via Camera & GPS

Easy documentation and visualisation of objects and tasks. Easy location of equipment and other technical devices.



The right information at the right time. View details, confirm operations, take measurements, issue materials, register time spent and manage attachments


Capture all the details about a critical situation. Add items, causes, codes, activities and tasks and document the situation with photos and videos


Browse functional locations and equipment. See notifications, pending and historic orders and measuring points. View technical documentation and safety instructions

2BM Mobile Work Order interface on a tablet




No more pen and paper. Take your work orders digital. Information flows instantly between backend system and field technicians


Save time by going straight to the work site without having to stop by the office to pick up papers and instructions


Have updates from your technicians flow straight into the system without manual typing and updating. No more costly mistakes from double registrations and bad handwriting




Mobile Work Order uses responsive design to give the best user experience regardless of screen size.





Mobile Work Order runs as a native app on all major platforms.





Full offline capability ensures that you can continue working even when there is no network coverage.  Advanced synchronization technology keeps client data in sync with SAP backend data.


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2BM Mobile Work Order runs on both SAP ECC & SAP S/4 HANA. The software is certified by and co-innovated with SAP. 2BM Mobile Work Order is built exclusively using SAPUI5, ODATA and ABAP which makes it easy to support and extend your solution if needed, providing you with an unmatched flexibility.

2BM Software is a Copenhagen-based Cloud Enterprise software solution provider. We offer unique, intuitive user interfaces with features that enables easy, fast, mobile, and offline handling of all SAP maintenance, service, warehouse, and safety processes – without the need of a desktop or laptop computer. Our solutions are used across the world and are available in your own country through the SAP APP CENTER and our UNITED VARs partners.

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2BM Software is a proud member of the United VARs network – the largest global alliance of SAP channel partners and multiple SAP PINNACLE award recipient. The network is present in 100 countries and gives our clients access to more than 10,000 highly qualified and experienced SAP consultants – as well as unique software solutions and packages for companies using SAP. We are able to advise, implement, and support our software solutions in any country and language that you require for your business through our UNITED VARs partners.

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  1. ● Support your digital business transformation
  2. IoT integration and Industry 4.0 enabled
  3. Supporting SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC
  4.  SAP certified solution

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